Same Direction…..

One of the first things you can learn cross stitching is that all your stitches should go in the same direction. When I first started I didn’t really think about it and just stitched wherever I felt like it. Murica!!!!


But I learned and realized, yep, make the effort. So I am finishing up my first project…..yet I have done about 40 projects since starting …..wait…that doesn’t make sense…..

So I started my first project about 3 years ago. It is the infamous Super Mario 3 World 1 map. I got about 7/8 done and I started a job that required me to travel and it got put in a storage unit for almost 2 years. Recently I started finishing it so I guess you can say I never finished my first project.


Although I kinda screwed up the thing, I kinda like that it shows such an amateur skill level and a way to show the beginning of the skills I would develop over the years.

If I can give advice to first timers I guess it would be go in the same direction……


Same Direction…..